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I have a function that takes an array and creates a SQL statement based on they key/value pairs of the array. For example:


It'd turn into

(`name`) VALUES ('SomeKittens')

The only problem is when I use a MySQL string function such as NOW().


turns into

(`creation_date`) VALUES ('NOW()')

Note that NOW() is escaped. Is there any way to detect if the value is a MySQL string function? (besides of course $value === "NOW()")

I'm using the Joomla DBO but am open to PDO/MySQLi solutions as well.

(relevant chat discussion)

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NOW() isn't escaped, but it is a literal string. – PeeHaa Jul 24 '12 at 18:55
How do you distinguish between NOW() intended to be a function, and NOW() intended to be a hard-coded 5-character literal string? You may need to manually provide more metadata in your key/value pairs to indicate how to interpret the value, e.g., name=>STRING:SomeKittens and creation_date=>FUNC:NOW() – mellamokb Jul 24 '12 at 18:55

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If you allow functions with arguments I don't think you will be able to protect your db against SQL injections.
If you allow only functions w/o arguments (like NOW()) you might as well hardcode a list.

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You may simply want to define a constant like MYSQL_NOW that when creating your query you know to convert to a NOW() function call rather than 'NOW()' string.

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