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I have a tough problem where I'm desperately trying to find a working solution.

A article#post and a aside#sidebar are floated left side by side - fairly simple. Inside my article#post is a h1 and a

I wonder if I can somehow determine the relative offset of the to the outer container section#content. The reason I want to do this is so I can position the floated sidebar with a margin-top on the same height as the ´` is.

Here is a model of my current html structure:

<section id="content">

    <article id="post">
        <h1>Title of the post</h1>
        <div class="post-entry">

    <aside id="sidebar>


So again, I'd like to find any solution to get a pixel-value of how far from the top is positioned inside section#content.

The main problem I have is that I can't even seem to post-entry.offsetTop to work. This should get the offset of relative to the since this is its parent. That should actually work for me too.

var articleOffset = $('.post-entry').offsetTop;
console.log($('.post-entry')); //found and exists
console.log(articleOffset); undefined

Any ideas why this does not work for me either? Why do I get undefined for the offsetTop value here. There is a big <h1> with a padding of at least "30px" that offsets

Any ideas on that matter? Maybe any other cool solutions on how to do that? I just want to have the aside#sidebar starting on the same height as but I don't want to change the markup.

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You need to select the DOM element from the jQuery object.

var articleOffset = $('.post-content')[0].offsetTop;
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OK, thank you. This doesn't return undefined but the same value as $('.post-content').offset() … so $('.post-content')[0].offsetTop; somehow returns the offset the element has from the document and not from its parent. I'd like to know the offsetTop from within the article#post or even the section#content. –  matt Jul 24 '12 at 19:31
Got it. I need to set position:relative to the wrapper of the element. –  matt Jul 24 '12 at 19:37

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