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I have to parse an html page. I have to extract the value of the name element in the below html which is assigned to a javascript function. How do I do it using JSoup.

<input type="hidden" name="fields.DEPTID.value"/>


departmentId.onChange = function(value) {                                       
    var departmentId = dijit.byId("departmentId");

    if (value == null || value == "") {
        document.transferForm.elements["fields.DEPTID.value"].value = "";
        document.transferForm.elements["fields.DEPTID_DESC.value"].value = "";
    } else {
        document.transferForm.elements["fields.DEPTID.value"].value = value;
        document.transferForm.elements["fields.DEPTID_DESC.value"].value = departmentId.getDisplayedValue();

        var locationID = departmentId.store.getValue(departmentId.item, "loctID");
        var locationDesc = departmentId.store.getValue(departmentId.item, "loct");

        locationComboBox = dijit.byId("locationId");

        if (locationComboBox != null) {
            if (locationID != "") {
                setLocationComboBox(locationID, locationDesc);
            } else {
                setLocationComboBox("AMFL", "AMFL - AMY FLORIDA");
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I'll try to teach you form the top:

//Connect to the url, and get its source html
Document doc = Jsoup.connect("url").get();

//Get ALL the elements in the page that meet the query
//you passed as parameter. 
//I'm querying for all the script tags that have the
//name attribute inside it
Elements elems = doc.select("script[name]");

//That Elements variable is a collection of
//Element. So now, you'll loop through it, and
//get all the stuff you're looking for
for (Element elem : elems) {
    String name = elem.attr("name");

    //Now you have the name attribute
    //Use it to whatever you need.

Now if you want some help with the Jsoup querys to get any other elements you might want, here you go the API documentation to help: Jsoup selector API

Hope that helped =)

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I need the attribute "name" value from the script. However, I would not the name of script as I have to write a generic parser to parse any html page. I'm not sure how to use the above code as I do not know what to replace the script with. Can you please elucidate the above code. –  user1445177 Jul 25 '12 at 18:49

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