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I am trying to locate a file from a program, in VB.NET

Dim exeName As String = "explorer.exe"
Dim params As String = "/e,""c:\test"",/select,""C:\test\a.txt""" 
Dim processInfo As New ProcessStartInfo(exeName, params)

It opens the containing directory "c:\" but doesn't go inside to "c:\test", I would like to have the file selected...

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Your code worked for me. Are you sure C:\test and C:\test\a.txt actually exist? –  aphoria Jul 24 '12 at 19:36

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You don't need the folder path in there after the /e, try this for your params:

Dim params As String = "/e, /select,""C:\temp\file.txt""" 
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 Dim filePath As String = "C:\test\a.txt" 'Example file
 Process.Start("explorer.exe", "/select," & filePath) 'Starts explorer.exe and selects desired file
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