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These folders appear in my .NET Web project. Why do they appear? Are they useful?

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They are used as part of the FrontPage server side extensions which do

  • change tracking (mostly the _vti_cnf)
  • code/script used by FrontPage specific controls (mostly the _vti_script)
  • general settings

The old FrontPage program and Dreamweaver both used it.

The VTI part is actually because FrontPage was originally created by Vermeer Technologies Incorporated (note the acronym) and then bought by Microsoft and it just stuck.

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Thanks for your answer ! – Damien Carol Jul 22 '09 at 12:19
Is it ok to just delete them then? – JEFF B Oct 3 '12 at 18:41
If you do not use Frontpage server side extensions then yes - note that SharePoint has similar folders _vti_bin that shouldn't be touched. – Robert MacLean Oct 4 '12 at 7:00

They're part of the legacy FrontPage server extensions. The _vti_ prefix refers to Vermeer Technologies Inc., the original developer of FrontPage which was subsequently bought by Microsoft. They would appear if you installed these IIS extensions - they're not needed unless you have a legacy client which requires FrontPage extensions to be there.

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Expression web also uses them. In particularly the “_vti_cnf”, “_vti_pvt”. Do not delete them. The “_vti_cnf” holds your meta data. If you delete it, you can rebuild it by Recalculating Hyperlinks. You will find one in every folder.

Delete the “_vti_pvt” will cause you problems, in recognizing the local website. You should only see this in the main folder.

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If you have problems with updating the web server (EW or FP incorrectly uploads files that have already been updated), do not delete the contents of the _vti_cnf folder. Usually, just recalculate the hyperlinks via EW or FP and that will take care of things.

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