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Say I am making a simple asteroids game. There is a ship which is a java.geom rectangle2d, or whatever the import. There is one asteroid which is also a rectangle, but it is a different color. When the ship runs into the asteroid, I want it to be able to recognize it, and be able to print something out or show a JoptionPane. I learned a way of doing this with Areas, but it was really complicated and i heard somewhere that there was an easier way of doing this.

Any thoughts or links would be greatly appreciated!

Also, could I do this with PNGs?


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After every time one of your objects moves, it should check it's perimeter coordinates against all of the objects in the game field. Then you can handle collisions accordingly.

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Use some third party engine for physics and collision detection. Like Box2D (you will need JBox2D, the Java port of the engine). Writing collision code is interesting once, but it gets boring. Box2D is a very great engine. I use it in all my 2D platformer games.

Box2D is pretty advanced, but if you follow a good tutorial, you will be able to make it work for your situation.

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