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I'm currently trying to mock a private final static object within a class. It doesnt seem like my object is being mocked properly.

Code: In main class

public class Main {

    private final static serviceA obj = new serviceA();

    public somemethod { return true; }


Mocked: In my test class I have

Public class TestMain {

    private Main mainObj;
    private static  serviceA obj;

    public void setupBeforeTest() {

        obj = Mockito.mock(serviceA.class);
        mainObj= Mockito.spy(new Main());

But obj doesnt return the values I specify when doing


and will actually run the code for obj.returnsFalseMethod().

Any advice would be helpful, also i cannot change any code in the Main class, thanks.

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I didn't realize you have to prepare the class creating the object. I was preparing every class except the class instantiating the object.

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