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I need to create a report of all Ruby objects during the life of a ruby / rails application.

FAIL #1 ruby-prof worked great locally for this in a local spike on my system ( using this repo: https://github.com/kikuchiyo/vim_game.git ), but then I set this up in a different environment and repo and I cannot get the objects reports to show up - they are always empty.

Does anyone know of a solid way to get a report of the number of objects in a Ruby / Rails application, or another way of reporting / detecting memory leaks in Ruby / Rails?

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Use something like Oink, it's a ruby memory analyzer

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Thank you. I'm looking into this soon. –  kikuchiyo Jul 24 '12 at 20:13

Looking at your problem I would consider memprof as a second approach. But if you could run ruby-prof on your local configuration it may just be some configuration issue on your other environment.

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