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Is it possible to set a flag in the R CMD build ... command which specifies the destination folder for the tar.gz file?

I have looked pretty closely at the R CMD --help and cannot see it - but i may be missing something.

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This post started life as a series of SO questions to help me build my first R package. I've rolled the lot into a blog. –  ricardo Jul 28 '12 at 13:42

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The normal way to do this would be to cd to the destination folder and run R CMD build foo from there. E.g. sources are in ~/pkgsrcs/foo and you want tar.gz to be in ~/pkgbuild/foo then:

cd ~/pkgbuild/foo
R CMD build ~/pkgsrcs/foo

will result in foo_version.tar.gz in ~/pkgsrcs/foo.

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+1. Thanks mate. –  ricardo Jul 24 '12 at 20:27

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