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I am trying to run test and production sites in ASP.NET IIS config. I have following entries in my Hosts file:    testsite       ### test site   www.mysite.com  ### LIVE WEBSITE

I have two problems here: I can not navigate to my test site using IP Address or using "testsite" in browser. I tried using all combinations: http://testsite, http://mysite:8080, http://mysite:80,, and so on. But none of them works for me.

If I however use following entry, it works correctly:   www.mysite.com  ### test site

Note that I used Test Server IP Address and actual Name from Live Site, and it worked.

Can anyone tell me why is this happening? I thought writing in Hosts file will navigate to respective IP Address no matter what I use as name. And indeed it goes to that IP address but shows "Not Found" and "HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found." error.

Any help?

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Editing your hosts file will basically send your browser to the designated IP address for that host/url. The destination IP address has to have something on the other end that is expecting that, if that makes sense.

If you set up a site in IIS on called testsite, with a binding of testsite, then it would work fine, as it then knows what to do with that request. Then going to http://testsite will work. I'm assuming that's the part you are missing!

I've personally got plenty of development sites in my hosts file pointing to an IIS installation on a network server. You just need to make sure the destination server can work out what to do with testsite.

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