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I'm attempting to deploy a website that uses Ninject for DI which works well locally on my development machine (don't they all!). When deployed to my host (using the visual studio ftp publish option) I get the following error:

Method not found: 'System.Delegate System.Reflection.MethodInfo.CreateDelegate(System.Type)'.


[InvalidOperationException: An error occurred when trying to create a controller of type 'Website.Controllers.HomeController'. Make sure that the controller has a parameterless public constructor.]

Looking at the stack trace it appears NinjectDependencyResolver.GetService(Type serviceType) is the method that is failing. As I say, its working fine locally so don't really know where or how to being tackling this one. Googleing hasn't brought up anything useful.

I'm using Ninject if thats relevant.

Edit: I've since added paramterless constructors to the homecontroller, but it has made no difference and the same error exists....

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Do you have all of the relevant/needed dlls copy local set to true? Sounds like you are missing some assemblies. – Tommy Jul 24 '12 at 21:25
Are you sure the server is running .NET 4? – Erik Funkenbusch Jul 24 '12 at 21:31
@Mystere Man: The detailed error page shows Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.1 – LDJ Jul 25 '12 at 6:32
@Tommy: I've set System.web.webhost, system.web.selfhost,,,, system.web.helpers and ninject.dll all to copy always – LDJ Jul 25 '12 at 6:34
@LDJ - are you using Visual Studio 2012? – Erik Funkenbusch Jul 25 '12 at 16:12
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I think you are building against .NET 4.5 and deploy on .NET 4.0 or you deploy Ninject for .NET 4.5 on .NET 4.0

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Yep, changed the version to 4.0 et voila! – LDJ Jul 25 '12 at 18:28
Everytime I have a ninject issue, the process is the same. Google=>stackoverflow=>Remo's answer=>success. – Brook Feb 13 '13 at 16:00

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