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I'm using MVC3 and my edit controller looks like the following:

public ActionResult Edit(Firm firm)
    return RedirectToAction("Index");

for some reason, when I set my entity's id like this: public string Id {get; set;}

after hitting this controller action and reloading all entities, it does what it's supposed to do, edit the entity.

If I set the entity's Id property to private or protected

public string Id { get; protected set; }
public string Id { get; private set; }

this same call creates a new entity in RavenDB with a new Id.

Is there some type of setting where RavenDB can work with private or protected setters of Id's?

I don't like the idea of my entity's Id being settable publicly.

Thanks, Mike

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Please open an issue about this here. See if you can attach a failing test it will be all better. This should work, and will be fixed.

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