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I’ve got a WinRT app that I’m using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 with. I’ve got a setup where I’d like clients subscribed to ignore messages posted to a ServiceBus Topic if they’re the originator or if the message is older than when their subscription started.

In the Properties of my BrokeredMessage, I’ve added 2 items to cover these scenarios:

message.Properties["Timestamp"] = DateTime.UtcNow.ToFileTime();
message.Properties["OriginatorId"] = clientId.ToString();

clientId is a Guid.

The subscriber side looks like this:

// ti is a class that contains a Topic, Subscription and a bool as a cancel flag.

string FilterName = "NotMineNewOnly";

// Find or create the topic.
if (await Topic.ExistsAsync(DocumentId.ToString(), TokenProvider))
    ti.Topic = await Topic.GetAsync(DocumentId.ToString(), TokenProvider);
    ti.Topic = await Topic.CreateAsync(DocumentId.ToString(), TokenProvider);

// Find or create this client's subscription to the board.
if (await ti.Topic.Subscriptions.ExistsAsync(ClientSettings.Id.ToString()))
    ti.Subscription = await ti.Topic.Subscriptions.GetAsync(ClientSettings.Id.ToString());
    ti.Subscription = await ti.Topic.Subscriptions.AddAsync(ClientSettings.Id.ToString());

// Find or create the subscription filter.
if (!await ti.Subscription.Rules.ExistsAsync(FilterName))
    // Want to ignore messages generated by this client and ignore any that are older than Timestamp.
    await ti.Subscription.Rules.AddAsync(FilterName, sqlFilterExpression: string.Format("(OriginatorId != '{0}') AND (Timestamp > {1})", ClientSettings.Id, DateTime.UtcNow.ToFileTime()));

ti.CancelFlag = false;

Topics[boardId] = ti;

while (!ti.CancelFlag)
    BrokeredMessage message = await ti.Subscription.ReceiveAndDeleteAsync(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30));

    if (!ti.CancelFlag && message != null)
        // Everything gets here!  :(

I get back everything – so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. What’s the easiest way to troubleshoot problems with subscription filters?

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When you create a Subscription then by default you get a "MatchAll" filter. In the code above you are just adding your filter so it is applied in addition to the "MatchAll" filter and thus all messages are recieved. Just delete the $Default filter once the Subscription is created and that should resolve the issue.

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Yep, that's the problem. I just discovered that myself using the Service Bus Explorer. Thanks! – joecop Jul 26 '12 at 2:24

Best way to troubleshoot is using the Service Bus Explorer from Paolo Salvatori

He has done a good few blog posts on it e.g.

Windows Azure SDK 1.7 does have built in capability but the Service Bus Explorer Standalone version is still better, see comparison here.

HTH your debugging...

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Thanks for the tip. Found the $Default rule that was causing the problem. – joecop Jul 26 '12 at 2:25

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