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I want to move my system and application folder of Codeigniter under the public_html folder.

[folder_name] => application & systemfolder

so i change the path's in the index.php and nothing is working. the site just outputs that the path to the system folder is not correct.

my path is something like


and it's correct. 100 %

i think the problem is here:

i have to create the [folder_name] as root, because the ftp_user has not the permission to create a folder. so i guess it's a permission problem, but i have no idea how to solve it.

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I do this where ever possible but you need to update the index.php file that should exist within the public_html folder to the new location.


$application_folder = '../folder_name/application';
$system_folder = '../folder_name/system';

That way, only the index.php exists in public_html but the application/system folders are within your root folder.

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