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Why does this syntax work

   NSString* newDisplayText = [currentDisplayText stringByAppendingString:digit];

while this one, (assigning the digit NSStrin to the new string first, and then sending it a message using the stringByAppendingString method). Does not work?

  NSString* newDisplayText = digit;
  [newDisplayText stringByAppendingString:currentDisplayText];

does sending it this method override it´s previous value I set?

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What are the results of each? Where do you get digit from? – Josh Caswell Jul 24 '12 at 22:20

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I'm having a really hard time figuring out exactly what you're asking, but here's a try:

The method -stringByAppendingString: does not modify its receiver. It constructs a new NSString* object and returns that. So saying

[newDisplayText stringByAppendingString:currentDisplayText];

does absolutely nothing, since you're throwing away the newly-created string.

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stringByAppendingString: returns an NSString object. It does not modify the receiver because NSString is immutable.

In your case, you need to assign the result of stringByAppendingString to newDisplayText.

NSString* newDisplayText = digit;
newDisplayText = [newDisplayText stringByAppendingString:currentDisplayText];
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