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I use redis for frond end web app back but for backend I want to use riak but is not clear if it supports eventual consistency with atomic increments. I would like to do counters but does not have to be as fast as redis. If riak cannot do it, who can? Besides redis of course.


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Does this help.

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Well..for riak...then not atomic per that post.....Finally, if you truly need atomic, strong consistency, today and not tomorrow then consider other options. Seriously, if Riak isn't the right fit, "Don't use my database": –  Tampa Jul 25 '12 at 1:49

This is not possible. There is no way for us to lock a riak key-value pair in order to prevent other processes from incrementing at the same time. Use a different product.

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Riak does support atomic commits, but only for a single key/value. What you need to bear in mind is that when you write to Riak you're writing to a cluster that is eventually consistent. There is a chance that you're going to write a value to one node at the same time that something else is writing a value to the same location in another node. Assuming that allow_mult is set to true on the bucket, this will result in a conflict at read time which will need to be resolved by your application.

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