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I would like to be conform with pattern MVC and i ask me, where the "cellForRowAtIndexPath" method must to go :/ Because, at the moment, this method is in the Controller File.

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You're asking whether it should be in the Model (M) or Controller (C), I assume. And it's an interesting question, because UITableView has two protocols:


Well, the UITableViewDelegate protocol is for the 'owner' of the view, which would be generally the Controller - I haven't seen any code that assumes otherwise.

So then where should the UITableViewDataSource sit? This is the protocol that defines

- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath

Now, if the Apple developers assumed it would go in the Controller, why not just incorporate it into the UITableViewDelegate protocol? The documentation says this (with my bold):

The UITableViewDataSource protocol is adopted by an object that mediates the application’s data model for a UITableView object. The data source provides the table-view object with the information it needs to construct and modify a table view.

As a representative of the data model, the data source supplies minimal information about the table view’s appearance. The table-view object’s delegate—an object adopting the UITableViewDelegate protocol—provides that information.

So that seems to suggest it should sit in the model - but really by saying "mediates the application's data model" it means it should sit in a Controller - but perhaps not the same controller that actually manages the UITableView (via the UITableViewDelegate protocol). It seems to me you have the flexibility to look at laying this out in a couple of different ways - however the general conclusion is that in 99% of the code I've seen it sits in the Controller which also is also the UITableViewDelegate delegate.

Here's some Apple documentation on MVC:

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thx you so much :) – marcL Jul 25 '12 at 7:29

The goal of a controller object (the C in MVC) is to coordinate model objects with view objects. Thus, the nature of the method cellForRowAtIndexPath, which populates a given cell (which is a view) with data (which comes from a model) dictates that it belongs in a controller.

This approach is demonstrated in all of Apple's sample code pertaining to UITableViews and UITableViewControllers.

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