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I have a table something like this.

    count | date
     1     2012-01-01   
     4     2012-01-01   
     5     2012-01-02
    12     2012-01-03
     7     2012-01-04
     4     2012-01-05
    19     2012-01-06
     1     2012-01-07

I'm looking for a way to calculate the average count per week over the previous 4 week period for each week.

The results should be something like...

    avg | yearweek
     3     201201   
     5     201202   
     6     201203
     1     201204
     11    201205
     3     201206
    18     201207
    12     201208

...where each yearweek is the weekly average over the past 4 yearweeks.

Getting the weekly averages is simple enough but how do I then get that over the past 4 yearweeks? And then how to do I do that as a rolling average? Am I better off just doing this in code?

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average the averages? – Wug Jul 24 '12 at 23:09
Yes. It's the average of the weekly averages. Basically, what was the weekly average over the past 4 weeks. – jercra Jul 24 '12 at 23:11

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While you could certainly do this in the code of your application, if you really need to do it in SQL, you could first create a table of results aggregated by week and then join it to itself to get the 4-week moving average.

In doing so, instead of storing the averages, I would store the sums and the number of days (1st or last week of year might not have 7 days - thinking of the edge cases). That way, you would avoid calculating unweighted averages when the denominators of averages are different.

So let's say you have a table "weekly_results", which has fields: yearweek, sumcount, numdays. You can now self-join to the last 4 weeks and get the sums and counts, and then calculate the averages from that:

SELECT yearweek, sum_cnt/sum_dys as avg_moving_4wk
    SELECT a.yearweek, sum(b.sumcount) as sum_cnt, sum(b.numdays) as sum_dys
    FROM weekly_results a
        join weekly_results b
        on a.yearweek - b.yearweek <4 and a.yearweek - b.yearweek >=0
    GROUP BY a.yearweek
) t1
GROUP BY yearweek
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This is very close to what I was after and very clever. I'll have modify it a bit because this results in a daily average instead of a weekly average but that should be as simple as adding a *7. I also realize now that I phrased the question wrong. I actually need the rolling 28 day average calculated each Sunday but that's just a few small tweaks to your SQL. – jercra Jul 25 '12 at 4:57

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