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Previously in WebAPI (beta) I was able to create a "GetAll" method that took in optional parameters added on the URI:


This still seems to work but only if I include all the parameters. In (beta), I could omit the parameters ( http://localhost/api/product/ ) and the "GetAll" method would get called (take & skip would be null). I could also omit some of the parameters http://localhost/api/product?take=5 (skip would be null)

public IEnumerable<ProductHeaderDto> GetAll(int? take, int? skip)
    var results = from p in productRepository
                  select new ProductHeaderDto
                        Id = p.Id,
                        Version = p.Version,
                        Code = p.Code,
                        Description = p.DescriptionInternal,
                        DisplayName = p.Code + " " + p.DescriptionInternal
    if (skip != null) results = results.Skip(skip.Value);
    if (take != null) results = results.Take(take.Value);
    return results;

In (RC), I now get "No action was found on the controller 'Product' that matches the request." when both or one of the parameters are missing. I have tried adding [FromUri] on the method parameters but that has no affect:

public IEnumerable<ProductHeaderDto> GetAll([FromUri] int? take, [FromUri] int? skip)

I have also tried setting default values:

public IEnumerable<ProductHeaderDto> GetAll(int? take = null, int? skip = null)

Is there some sort of "optional" parameter attribute that could be used when trying to match the method signature?

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Do you have any other action Method which corresponds to GET in the controller – satish Jul 25 '12 at 7:15
I have decided to use the excellent AttributeRouting library - . By explicitly defining the URIs I am able to get everything going with great granularity. When using this, the issue with "nullable" parameters goes away and the controller behaves as expected. – Mike Rowley Jul 25 '12 at 15:57

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This is a bug which has been fixed in RTM. You can have optional parameter by specifying default value.

public IEnumerable<string> Get(int? take = null, int? skip = null)

BTW, you can use $skip and $top in web api odata package to achieve the same functions.

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The OData package is great but would require me to expose my Entities directly. This is a problem as our entities do not always serialize and it isn't generally recommended to expose entities directly. For some solutions it is great. – Mike Rowley Nov 17 '12 at 2:20

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