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Could anyone give me any good link to log in function in monorail c#?

I am a newbie to monorail c# and need to implement one log in function.

Thank you.


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Like in Ayende's solution, the best way is to just use the authentication mechanisms. Here's an example action on a LoginController:

    public void Authenticate(string username, string password, bool autoLogin, string returlUrl)
        SomeWebServiceAuthenticationProvider wsSecurity = new SomeWebServiceAuthenticationProvider();

        bool isValid = wsSecurity.ValidateUser(username, password);

        if (isValid)
            //first perform a logout to make sure all other cookies are cleared

            FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(username, autoLogin);
            PropertyBag["username"] = username;
            PropertyBag["password"] = password;
            PropertyBag["autoLogin"] = autoLogin;

            //redirect back to the Home page, or some other page
            if (!RedirectToPreviousUrl()) Redirect("home", "index");
            Flash["auth_error"] = "Invalid user name or password.";

You can substitute some other authentication mechanism in place of 'SomeWebServiceAuthenticationProvider"... the point here is that we're just calling the standard FormsAuthentication methods.

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Mealea, can you choose an answer? This question has been sitting around for a while. – Marc Mar 16 '10 at 20:29

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