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Fastest method to replace all instances of a character in a string = Javascript
How to replace all points in a string in JavaScript

I have a string 2012/04/13. I need to replace the / with a -. How can i do this ?

var dateV = '2012/04/13';
dateV= dateV.replace('/','-');

It only replaces the first / and not all / in the string (2012-04/13). What should i do to correct this ?

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Look at the g flag for regexes. –  alex Jul 25 '12 at 0:14
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You need to do a global regex replace using the global regex option. This should work for you:

var dateV = '2012/04/13';
var regex = new RegExp("/", "g"); // "g" - global option
dateV = dateV.replace(regex, "-");
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dateV= dateV.replace(/\//g,'-');
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