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So, I have x variable names I want to assign to x consecutive non-nil values from a method… how can I do that?

For example, I want to map %w[alpha beta gamma] to the three consecutive non-nil values of the function get(x) beginning with 0.

So, say the values of get(x) are get(0)=1, get(1)=54, get(2)=nil, get(3)=6. I'd want alpha = 1, beta = 54, and gamma = 6.

How can I do this?

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Setting Hash key/value pairs may not really answer the question but it's almost always the right solution for a real program ...

def get x # test sub
  [1, 54, nil, 6][x]

# find the next n non-nil values of an integer function
def find n, sofar, nextval
  return sofar if sofar.length >= n
  return find n, (sofar << get(nextval)).compact, nextval + 1

h = {}
h[:alpha], h[:beta], h[:gamma] = find 3, [], 0
p h
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