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I have legacy projects that is using a submodule which resides on git.

There are a lot of ways and tools that supports migrating to git and/or submoduling a svn project from git, but what I need is exactly the opposite. Since they are legacy projects beyond my control, I cannot migrate them to git. What I need is just whenever I push to origin/master on the git, I'd like the svn-projects to be able to grab that changes automatically whenever they do "svn up" or "svn co"

Is there any way to achieve this?

I have tried svn:externals but they dont support git submodule... any clues will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Is that submodule under your control? I mean, do you have administrator access to the server where it is hosted? –  Dmitry Pavlenko Jul 25 '12 at 8:15
yes, I have admin access to both the git and svn repo –  Zennichimaro Jul 26 '12 at 9:20
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As a solution I can propose to install SubGit into both repositories --- it will create a Git interface for SVN repository and SVN interface for Git. Then you can add svn:externals to the main repository for SVN interface and add a submodule to its (the same main repository's) Git, interface using SVN and Git interfaces of your slave repository.

To install SubGit for Git repository run:

$ svnadmin create svn.repository

$ subgit configure svn.repository

$ #edit svn.repository/conf/subgit.conf ('git.default.repository' option) 
to set path to your bare Git repository (the repository you on the server)

$ #optionally prepare svn.repository/conf/authors.txt file
to configure custom authors mapping (if you don't like automatic default mapping)

$ subgit install svn.repository

To install SubGit into SVN repository, perform the same steps, but use existing SVN path instead of svn.repository and non-existing path for git.default.repository (a Git repository will be created at this path).

SubGit will keep in sync both interfaces of every repository, both interfaces are writable.

Hope, this helps.

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Thanks! looks like a nice migration options as it allows both svn and git to co-exist and linked together. Will surely give it a try later! –  Zennichimaro Aug 2 '12 at 8:23
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