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I'd like to solve this inconsistency in my Symfony 2 application: when user is not authenticated path /app/logout redirects to /app/login. Instead, user not authenticated should view an error page (maybe 403).

Here is the security configuration. The IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY seems mandatory, as an user can do logout only if it's previously authenticated fully:

    - { path: ^/app/login,  roles: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
    - { path: ^/app/logout, roles: IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY }

And the logout action of my AccessController:

 * @Extra\Route("logout")
 * @Extra\Template
public function logoutAction()
    // Set the token to null and invalidate the session

    // Redirect url and seconds (window.location)
    $seconds  = 5;
    $redirect = $this->getRouter()->generate('access_login');

    return array('seconds' => $seconds, 'redirect' => $redirect);

One solution would be removing the route /app/logout from access control and then throwing an exception if user it's not fully authenticated:

if(false === $this->getSecurityContext()->isGranted('IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY'))
    throw new AccessDeniedException();

But this way /app/logout would be accessible even from not authenticated users! Anyone knows a better solution?

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Just remove the logout path from access_control. Nothing bad is going to happen if a not authenticated user goes to the logout page — it's safe. Don't overengineer this stuff. ;)

BTW, why aren't you using the Symfony's built-in logout controller? You could create a logout handler to put your custom code in it instead of reinventing the wheel by handling all the logout stuff yourself.

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What would be the difference in using logout handler instead of a custom controller action? –  gremo Jul 25 '12 at 10:09
It's more idiomatic to Symfony. Use built-in solutions whenever they solve your problems; resort to your custom code only when there is no satisfying solution available. What if the logout logic changes in a future version of Symfony? You'll have to watch for that and update your code. If you use the built-in stuff, you don't have to bother. –  Elnur Abdurrakhimov Jul 25 '12 at 10:58

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