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Here is my scenario.

1) I have a link gotoJavaProject as a href link in php project.

2) I want to pass a certain value (eg.myValue) when clicking the gotoJavaProject link which will lead to calling another java project.

3) I plan to send the value as cookies from php to a java web application.

php project is an existing project, and I just want to integrate with a new java project module.

As I am not familiar with php, I am quite stuck in figuring out how to achieve this.

Could anyone give me a guide or an example of how to pass a value in cookies from php to a java web application?

Thanks ahead.

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Add it as a parameter to your link.

http://example.com/?var=<?php echo $variable?>

I am not familiar with java, so I am not sure how you retreive get variables, but I assume it is pretty trivial

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i believe this works good using urls, rather than cookies and cookies needs time & refresh too.. –  Rafee Jul 25 '12 at 2:37

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