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I'm working with an oracle database and what I basically need to do is to count the number of NULL fields per column in a certain table.

something like that:

    BlankCount number(20);
    i number(2) := 1;

    loop that would take each column individualy and exit after the last one
        SELECT COUNT(*) INTO BlankCount FROM name_of_my_table
        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Column '||i||' has '||BlankCount||' empty cells');
        i := i + 1;

I just couldn't find anything that would do the loop part. It would also be nice if instead of just numbering them (with the i) I could display the column name (but that is not very important).

Thank you!

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Something like this:


  mytable varchar(32) := 'MY_TABLE';

  cursor s1 (mytable varchar2) is 
            select column_name 
            from user_tab_columns
            where table_name = mytable
            and nullable = 'Y';

  mycolumn varchar2(32);
  query_str varchar2(100);    
  mycount number;


  open s1 (mytable);

     fetch s1 into mycolumn; 
         exit when s1%NOTFOUND;

     query_str := 'select count(*) from ' || mytable || ' where '  || mycolumn || ' is null';

     execute immediate query_str into mycount;

     dbms_output.put_line('Column ' || mycolumn || ' has ' || mycount || ' null values');

  end loop;
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worked perfectly! Thank you a lot!! – DanielX2010 Jul 25 '12 at 5:11

Try using cursor approach and Dynamic SQL as mentioned in this thread: How to loop through columns in an oracle pl/sql cursor


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