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e.g. I want to have a route like:


to match


and the value of params in line 4 is p1/p2/p3, then I can do params.split("/").


Flask.py can do this, that exactly what I want. Does it exist in express.js?

def catch_all(level1, level2, level3, params):
    return 'You want params: %s' % params
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Express handles this. From http://expressjs.com/guide.html#routing :


So, in your example, (in CoffeeScript)

util = require "util"

app.get '/a/b/c/*', (req, res) ->
  res.json util.inspect(req.params)

assuming an application structure going to port 8080...


will return

"[ 'd/e/f' ]"
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thanks, I was look for that. –  hbrls Jul 26 '12 at 1:49

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