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If, for example orders.wsdl imports Orders.xsd, how can it be configured using static-wsdl

<sws:static-wsdl id="orders" location="/WEB-INF/wsdl/orders.wsdl"/>

such that Orders.xsd can be viewed in the browser like http://host/context/Orders.xsd

Dynamic wsdl supports it.

<sws:dynamic-wsdl id="orders"
  <sws:xsd location="/WEB-INF/xsd/Orders.xsd"/>

But static-wsdl doesn't have the sws:xsd property.

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There is no namspace support but you can do this -

<bean id="Orders" class="org.springframework.xml.xsd.SimpleXsdSchema">
    <property name="xsd" value="classpath:/Orders.xsd" />

This will resolve the referenced xsd in your wsdl file -

    <xsd:schema elementFormDefault="qualified">
        <xsd:import namespace="..." schemaLocation="Orders.xsd"></xsd:import>
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This is what I was doing in spring-ws 1.5. Looks like we are stuck with this somewhat cluttered approach. Spring recommends using static wsdl yet they can't add 'sws:xsd location' for imported xsd. beats me. –  Adrian M Jul 25 '12 at 5:48

or you can tyt with that


   <xs:schema targetNamespace="...."

                <xs:include schemaLocation="xsd/Order.xsd"/>

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You should supply some detail on how this code solves the problem. I found this answer through the "Low Quality Posts" list, so it's in danger of deletion. –  John Saunders Nov 13 '12 at 1:35

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