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I am creating a XML with xmlWriter, I have values in an NSDictionary that has several key/value pairs, however some of these values are [NSNull null], I pass every value into its own NSString.

In my XMLWriter method I have an if statment that checks if this is a particular method call to the db if it is then I would like to create writeAttributes only for the NSString variables that are not equal too [NSNull null].

I am not sure how to dynamically check each variable.. I thought maybe I could do an if statment but thats not going to work because as soon as one of the variables dose not equal [NSNull null] then its going to jump out of this part of the XMLWritter when there might be more variables that are needed for the xml.

This is the failed Idea that I had so you understand what I am trying to do

// Method Params --->
- (NSMutableData *) addMethodParams
    //allocate serializer (this is using the xmlWriter class)
    id <XMLStreamWriter> xmlWriter = [[XMLWriter alloc] init];
    [xmlWriter writeStartElement:@"Eng"];
        [xmlWriter writeStartElement:@"Parameters"];
            [xmlWriter writeStartElement:@"Vars"];
    if ([methodName isEqualToString:@"SeriesSearch"]) // name of method currently being requested
        if ((NSNull *) Series != [NSNull null]) { // if this is null then its jumped
            [xmlWriter writeAttribute:@"Code" value:Series];
        else if ((NSNull *) IDSeries != [NSNull null]){ //if this is !null then it enters the if statement however it then will jump out and not check over any of the other if statments
            [xmlWriter writeAttribute:@"ManufacturerID" value:IDSeries]; 

            [xmlWriter writeEndElement];
        [xmlWriter writeEndElement];
    [xmlWriter writeEndElement];

So the question is how can I add the variables that have values into my xml the stop the variables that are null? to create I guess a sort of dynamic xml writer.

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Usually, when you have to write the same code more than twice (or even more than once), you should think about creating a method or function. So you could write a method like this:

- (void)writeAttribute:(NSString *)name ifNonNullValue:(id)value toWriter:(id<XMLStreamWriter>)writer {
    if (value != [NSNull null]) {
        [writer writeAttribute:name value:value];

and use it like this:

[self writeAttribute:@"Code" ifNonNullValue:Series toWriter:xmlWriter];
[self writeAttribute:@"ManufacturerID" ifNonNullValue:IDSeries toWriter:xmlWriter];

You could also consider adding a category to XMLWriter. A category lets you add your own methods to any class. So you could add a category like this:

// XMLWriter+NonNull.h

#import "XMLWriter.h"

@interface XMLWriter (NonNull)

- (void)writeAttribute:(NSString *)name ifNonNullValue:(id)value;


// XMLWriter+NonNull.m

@implementation XMLWriter (NonNull)

- (void)writeAttribute:(NSString *)name ifNonNullValue:(id)value {
    if (value != [NSNull null]) {
        [self writeAttribute:name value:value];


and use it like this:

// At top of file
#import "XMLWriter+NonNull.h"

    [xmlWriter writeAttribute:@"Code" ifNonNullValue:Series];
    [xmlWriter writeAttribute:@"ManufacturerID" ifNonNullValue:IDSeries];
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okay awesome! this makes sense thanks very much! – HurkNburkS Jul 25 '12 at 3:25

Since the values come from the dictionary, you can set up a loop to write all attributes:

NSDictionary *keyToAttr = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithValuesAndKeys:
    @"Code", @"Series", @"ManufacturerID", @"IDSeries", nil];

for (key in keyToAttr) {
    NSString *data = [dataDict objectForKey:key];
    if (data && ((NSNull*)data != [NSNull null])) {
        NSString *attrName = [keyToAttr objectForKey:key];
        [xmlWriter writeAttribute:attrName data]; 
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okay, I was just woundering also if this is abit redundant as I have 18 variables I have to check.. is there another way I could do this or is this okay? – HurkNburkS Jul 25 '12 at 3:17
@HurkNburkS Since the values come from the dictionary, you can set up a loop to write them out, as long as there is a way to map the keys of these values in the dictionary to the attributes that you are writing. – dasblinkenlight Jul 25 '12 at 3:23
@HurkNburkS I edited the answer to show how you can do it in a loop. – dasblinkenlight Jul 25 '12 at 3:29
okay thanks a bunch going to try this out now :P – HurkNburkS Jul 25 '12 at 3:32
@HurkNburkS I'm wondering if the trick with the loop has worked for you? – dasblinkenlight Jul 25 '12 at 15:38

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