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I have a Spring based application that uses Spring core, Spring MVC and Spring Data (Mongo) on the server side, and designed as a typical 3-tier application.

I have a list of services, that are typical Spring services/beans that I wish you integrate with memcached to cache some of my service results.

Can someone guide me to the steps to integrate memcached with spring for such an application? A sample/tutorial/blog that gives a step by step process would be just great.


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If you use Spring 3.1 take a look at Spring Cache abstraction. It's the easiest way to integrate caching in Spring application. Unfortunately Spring doesn't support memcached out of the box, there's only support for ehcache.

As far as I know there isn't available any provider that can store data to memcached through Spring Cache. In few days next version 3.0.0 of Simple Spring Memcached is going to be released with such support. In mean time you may try one of the latest snapshot or use Simple Spring Memcached 2.0.0 directly without Spring Cache abstraction.

UPDATE: Simple Spring Memcached 3.0.0 with Spring Cache integration is already available.

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i want to use memcache in spring mvc. what is this error: "No qualifying bean of type [] is defined" – hadiJZ Aug 20 at 13:40
Don't worry about it, it's only an information not an error. If no custom Settings bean is defined a default values are used. – ragnor Aug 20 at 18:02

It's very trivial to do. You can look at 3levelmemcache project as an example at github its Spring based abstraction.

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