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I want to make a quiz like task so what i want to do is to have canvas and the question along with multiple answers(choose the correct one) the correct one must be dragged into the textbox that is present inside the canvas.Now using button click i want to validate the answer.What i have done so far is now i am stuck at validations and individual dragging please help me out to find my solution.

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Why are you using canvas for this? All you're displaying is text. – robertc Jul 25 '12 at 8:17
i have the requirement to use only canvas @robertc what to do now? – Villan Jul 25 '12 at 9:34
That's a dumb requirement, why do you have it? – robertc Jul 25 '12 at 10:26
:( i took it as challenge but later i came to know its difficult to implement..Do you have any idea about it to overcome my problem @robertc – Villan Jul 25 '12 at 10:36
i didn't get u @Neurofluxation – Villan Jul 31 '12 at 3:42

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