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My script works fine when ran with python, but after I build it with py2app, files and folders are created in .app/Contents/Resources. I use os.getcwd() to find out where the script is located.

How can I fix this and make sure my files are created in the app containing directory?

Hacky fix

Here's a hack that works:

if'([^/]+$)', cwd).group(0) == "Resources":
    mkFldr(cwd[0:-27] + fldr)         #this is a try except function
    sanExt(extPath, str(cwd[0:-27] + fldr + "/" + extName + "_san.csv"))
    sanExt(extPath, str(cwd + "/" + fldr + "/" + extName + "_san.csv"))
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If I understand what you're asking correctly I use something similar to the following to handle this. The 'frozen' part changes the behaviour depending on whether you're running the script or a py2exe/py2app executable.

import sys
import os.path

frozen = getattr(sys, 'frozen', '')

if frozen:
    MyFolder = os.path.dirname(sys.executable)
    Myfolder = os.getcwd()
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