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this is the same problem i am facing reference

it works fine in chrome,firefox but not in IE...the error is " IE ('Exception thrown and not caught'. Line 95, Char 25')"

from the reference i came to know that the error is in object writer.write

java code:(is it malformed): can anyone debug the error in this

writer.write("{\"name\":\"" + item.getName() + "\",\"type\":\"" + item.getContentType() + "\",\"size\":\"" + item.getSize() + "\",\"filepath\":\"" + tp2 + "\"}");


        $(function () {
        var initFileUpload = function (suffix) {

                namespace: 'file_upload_' + suffix,
                fileInputFilter: '#file_' + suffix,
                dropZone: $('#drop_zone_' + suffix),
                uploadTable: $('#files_' + suffix),
                downloadTable: $('.display-frame'),
                buildUploadRow: function (files, index) {
                    return $('<tr><td>' + files[index].name

                    + '<td class="file_upload_cancel">' + '<button class="ui-state-default ui-corner-all" title="Cancel">' + '<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-cancel">Cancel<\/span>' + '<\/button><\/td><\/tr>');
                buildDownloadRow: function (file) {
                    //  return $('<tr><td>' + file.name +   file.filepath +'<\/td><\/tr>');     
                    var path = '<div class="picthumb" id="pic" url="' + file.filepath + '" onclick="clickpick(this)"><div class="mainpic"><img src="';
                    path += file.filepath + '" class="uploader-thumb-img" style="width: 108px; height: 120px; top: 0px; left: 0px; "/></div></div>';
                    return $(path);


the error IE showing is callback()

 if (typeof callBack === func) {
       try {
           } catch (e) {
                            // Fix endless exception loop:
                            throw e;
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i found that the error is defintely with object writer is malfunction by hardcoding it –  Tabraiz Ali Jul 25 '12 at 9:44

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the problem was with writer object for some reason item.getname was filename.jpg in chrome and c:/images/filename.jpg in IE so i removed item.getname which was not needed

writer.write("{\",\"type\":\"" + item.getContentType() + "\",\"size\":\"" + item.getSize() + "\",\"filepath\":\"" + tp2 + "\"}");
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