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Alright, so I have been working on this code for over two days trying to find the error in my code. The problem I have is having an intent get an activity. I get an "ActivityNotFoundException" and that there is no activity found to handle the intent. I know that the problem is the naming convention I have been using. I just can't find it.

The problem occurs when I click on the "Yes" button in the first activity.

Here is the past for the java souce file, android manifest file, and the positive java file


I am following the book Beginning Android Application Development by Wei-Meng Lee.

Thank you very much in advanced for your help and support. I can believe that it get's tiring answering questions that we have.

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You get This Error if:

  1. You have not Registered your Activity in the Manifest file.
  2. Misspelled your Activity Name if you have registered.

So please check the Activity Name if you have registered and it's Case Sensitive so you are required to register it with the exact the same name.

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Thank you for your answer. I went here stackoverflow.com/questions/4481903/… and registered the activity. That did not work so I deleted the project and started a new project. I again registered the activity and I get the same error. I think it might be the intent and intent filter. I am trying to make those work. –  Darren Hoehna Jul 26 '12 at 17:25

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