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I have a collection that contains instances of several different classes, and I want to render the partial for each instance. I can do this using the following code:

<%= render @results %>

My question is: How can I render the different partials in a different base directory? The above code will look for app/views/stories/_story.html.erb, however, the partials for this action are all kept in a different directory - app/search/_story.html.erb. Is there any way of specifying this?

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You could create a helper method like this:

def render_results(results)
  result_templates = {"ClassA" => "search/story", "ClassB" => "something/else"}
  results.each do |result|
    if template = result_templates[result.class.name]
      concat render(:partial => template, :object => result)

And then in the view call <% render_results(@results) %>

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or you can use is_a?(Object)

if is_a?(classA)
 render something_A
elsif is_a?(classB)
  render something_B
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I have a similar situation where I have multiple classes so I use a partial for each class like:

for result in @results
  = render :partial => "result_#{result.class.to_s.downcase}", :locals => {:item => result}
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This is what I use for multimodel search results, with one difference: if you pass @results in via :collection instead of using a locals and a for or each block, each object is assigned to its partial's partialname variable. This avoids having abstracted variables like "item" (no offense!) strewn about different classes' view contexts and preserves semantic sense, e.g. school.address vs. item.address within a school partial. It's a little more complicated if you don't want to use the default classnames/_classname partial location. –  Eric Mar 29 '14 at 17:19
Nicely put @Eric –  Reuben Mallaby Mar 29 '14 at 17:24

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