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I am working with DOMDocument / DOMXPath to try and make CSS inline. It would work perfectly except that the HTML I am passing to it trips it up saying it's not valid XML.

How can I set these functions to ignore unknown tags?

Anyway I can make these functions less finicky? I use the phpQuery classes to manipulate and output everything. But when I pass it to the inlinify stuff it breaks.

Other web-based inlinify apps have no problem with the output html I have.

And also.. anyone know a non-DOMDocument / DOMXPath way to do this? All CSS is between a single style pair of tags. Maybe fancy regex or phpQuery itself or both?

Thanks a ton!

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To be fair, it's not wrong. If you want to load HTML then you should be using DOMDocument::loadHTML*().

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I couldn't see where this would have been called at first but found a suitable spot finally. Thanks! –  Ryan Thompson Aug 2 '12 at 0:58

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