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I'm reading a tutorial on PySide and I was thinking , do I need to find my own icons for every thing or is there some way to use some built in icons . That way I wouldn't need to find an entire new set of icons if I want my little gui to run on another desktop environment .

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What you need is Pyside QIcon.fromTheme function. Basicaly it creates QIcon object with needed icon from current system theme.


undoicon = QIcon.fromTheme("edit-undo")

"edit undo" - name of the icon "type"/"function" can be found here

This works on X11 systems, for MacOSX and Windows check QIcon documentation QIcon.fromTheme

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I don't think this is specific to any binding, you can check the qt general documentation

take a look here and here

related question

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in PyQt, the window icon is by default the Qt logo. I think you will have to find your own icons for things inside the gui.

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There is another way to access some of the standard builtin icons in PyQt/PySide using the standard pixmap in the default style. For example, the following creates an icon for opening a file:


For the full list of standard pixmaps, see:


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