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I have problem in getting list of devices that are connected to my router.On the way to solve this question I have many problems to solve ,to get the answer of my question I have another question to solve as follow.Actually I have to get the device details connected to the router.

I am working in a company and I am having an IP for my pc which is a private IP only .e.g ;

Now I have to go from this IP,my questions are as follows

1.first question is How to get the router Ip,some how i got this by using


command and i got some table from that table a FLAGS column is there and a 'G' will be there in one row and the 'Gateway' column of that row give me the router's address.I don't know it is correct or not,If not kindly give the solution for this.

2.second question is how to get the list of devices connected to this router ,is it possible to get the list of devices connected to this router.If yes can any one give some solution to get this information.

3.Third question is ,Is it possible to get the type of device connected to router.As it may be a PC,a Printer,a Mobile etc.

If this are possible then kindly tell some solution .I need this for my Project .

Is there is a way as nmap or some other tool to get the details of device connected to the router or how to identify a android phone connected to the network,even I have the IP I am not able to get this as an android.


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You can use something like nmap.

Example: nmap -O

This will get you the list of devices on the same network (which is, if you're in a router, most probably everyone) and -O will also do OS detection.

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Hi,I have checked this command on a specific Ip e.g ,which is a Ip of android phone but it is not showing the os details and showing "Too many fingerprints match this host to give specific OS details",I do not know what is wrong ,can you tell me is there any way to detect the device os or some details like it is a mobile or pc. – pradiptart Jul 25 '12 at 7:17
Try with --osscan-guess. – Pedro Nascimento Jul 25 '12 at 13:33
What about OS details and Type of device? I used nmap --osscan-guess ip.add.re.ss. But it also showing Too many fingerprints match this host to give specific OS details – nayabbashasayed Jun 16 at 10:13

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