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I am used to get check-ins with

but yesterday, I realize that my app is not working properly. I can not get the items[](people who cheked in specific venue). Web service retrieving json like this;

   meta: {
   code: 200
notifications: [
  type: "notificationTray"
  item: {
  unreadCount: 0
response: {
hereNow: {
  count: 16
  items: [ ]
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really a good question to ask. I have problems with that too – Kemal Can Kara Jul 25 '12 at 10:45
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seriakillaz is right -- the behavior you're seeing is intentional, and is described by the email he links to.

In general though, the hereNow is working as before if you're checking into a place (the official foursquare apps use the same endpoints we document publicly).

If you're having trouble with it after accounting for the new policy, checkout my response to seriakillaz question: hereNow not working as expected

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Thanks for the answer. But, even if I checked in a place where some people already cheked in, still I can not retrieve their information with hereNow service. – OzBoz Jul 26 '12 at 11:57
I added a note to seriakillaz question, looks like the problem might be that you're not passing in the lat/long of the checkin. Here's the Edit I left. Edit: A couple other devs have run into this issue, and in many cases, it looks like the issue is that lat/lng isn't being passed into the checkins/add request (the "ll" param). You're not included in hereNow unless you're deemed to be plausibly close to the venue. – smehmood Jul 31 '12 at 20:16

They've just changed the hereNow endpoint:!topic/foursquare-api/rmS0DbKKOHo

However it is not working for me even if I check-in to a place...

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