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I am using a Tablix in one of my SQL Reporting services report. Default view shows up all records. I want to implement Paging like show up first 50 records in page 1 and next 50 records in page 2 and so on. Can someone help me with this?

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It helps if you tell us what you've tried so far, and what problems you ran into. (Note that you can edit your question at any time.) – Jeroen Jul 25 '12 at 19:13

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In some reports, you may want to place a page break at the end of a specified number of rows instead of, or in addition to, on groups or report items. To do this, create a group in a data region (typically a group immediately outside the detail), add a page break to the group, and then add a group expression to group by a specified number of rows.

The following expression, when placed in the group expression, assigns a number to each set of 25 rows. When a page break is defined for the group, this expression results in a page break every 25 rows.



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