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What is Ruby on Rails? How do I use it? I am new to Ruby. I do not know anything about Ruby. Please help.

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Try googling first. There are many books also. –  Sergio Tulentsev Jul 25 '12 at 7:47
Yes Google it first ...Ruby on Rails, often shortened to Rails, is an open source full-stack web application framework for the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails is not to be confused with Ruby, which is a general-purpose programming language, on which Ruby on Rails runs. Ruby itself existed for more than 10 years before the first release of Ruby on Rails. Rails is a full-stack framework, meaning that it gives the Web developer the full ability to gather information from the web server, talking to or querying the database, and template rendering out of the box. ....From Wikipedia.. ;) –  Jigar Pandya Jul 25 '12 at 7:50
Point is that your question will be removed from here and you should ask question about your code and where you stuck kind of stuff....check blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/10/asking-better-questions for better understanding –  Jigar Pandya Jul 25 '12 at 7:51

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There are many Ruby on rails tutorials that may help you.
Rails Guide
ROR tutorials
tutorial points
Ganesh kunwar's blog
Many kinds of tutorials can be found through google search. Ok best of luck

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There are a number of great resources on the web. To get started with basic Ruby, i recommend the following sites:

Once you feel comfortable using Ruby you can dig into the Ruby on Rails web framework. I found the following resources particularly useful:

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You could have used Google, but still let me give you a brief intro. Ruby is an awesome object oriented programming language for developing mostly web applications. Ruby is very powerful yet simple when it comes to web development. There are lots of comparisons done with other languages like Java, C++ where it has been proven that Ruby uses very less lines of code to accomplish the same tasks. It has a good library support, what they call as GEMS, which makes it so easy to develop.

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework , this is a full fledged framework which can be used to build a complete webservice. ROR runs on ruby.

Rest i insist you to google and learn . Its fun to learn language. All the best

Feel free to ask any doubts..

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