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I have been wanting to extract a line of text once [1],[2] ... [n] is found. But it seems like I couldn't get my thinking out to store a line into a char starting with [1].

void ExtractWebContent::filterContent(){
    char str [10];
    ifstream reading;

    while (!reading.eof()){
        cout << str << endl;
    cout << str;

This is the file that I want to extract from..

 CAPTION: Currencies

          Name      Price    Change % Chg
                  1.2606     -0.00  -0.13%

                                           USD/SGD [81]USDSGD=X
                  1.5242     0.00   +0.11%

                                           EUR/SGD [83]EURSGD=X

I am using linux, C++ programming. This is meant to filter figures obtained from HTML text file.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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The big error you have is that you treat a single character as a string. The third argument is supposed to be a single character delimiter, i.e. a character that separates records in the file. If you add the compiler option -Wall when compiling you will get a warning about having more than one character in the single-character literal.

One way of doing what you want, is to use regular expressions.

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Thanks for your correction. But I am still not sure of how to get about. What I am doing now is to getline and hope to eliminate the unwanted char. void ExtractWebContent::filterContent(){ string str; ifstream reading; reading.open("file_Currency.txt"); while (!reading.eof()){ getline (reading, str, ' '); cout << str << endl; } cout << str; reading.close(); } –  Bryan Wong Jul 25 '12 at 8:26

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