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Good day. I need a hand with a problem that I can't solve for the past two weeks. I have two .dbf files(foxpro) with data in it. The column keys are and things that differ are the number of rows and their values. I manged to connect .dbf files(wasn't hard) and to display them on DataGrid. Managed to filter columns so the table displayed would show only columns that I want to work with. now for the "comparing" part. Since I have two datatables with different number of rows my first step was to make them equal(and by doing that I would get the first part of the data that differs). I surfed through different threads here and took one of the samples to compare two datatables.

public DataTable CompareTables_one(DataTable first, DataTable second){
var qry1 = first.AsEnumerable().Select(a => new { MobileNo = a["ID"].ToString() });
var qry2 = second.AsEnumerable().Select(b => new { MobileNo = b["ID"].ToString() });
var exceptAB = qry1.Except(qry2);
DataTable dtMisMatch = (from a in first.AsEnumerable()
                        where a.ItemArray.Any(c => c != DBNull.Value)
                        join ab in exceptAB on a["ID"].ToString() equals ab.MobileNo
                        select a).CopyToDataTable();
return dtMisMatch; 

First I use this to compare dt1 with dt2, so I can get ID_rows from the first datatable that don't appear in the second. After that I compared dt2 with dt1 to get rows that don't appear in the first datatable.

DataTable dt1 = Connect(textBox1.Text);
DataTable dt2 = Connect(textBox2.Text);
//getting 'unique' ID-rows that don't appear in other tables   
DataTable ID_one = CompareTables_one(dt1, dt2);
DataTable ID_two = CompareTables_one(dt2, dt1);
//getting tables with equal number of rows and equal ID_value
DataTable dt1_fin = CompareTables_two(dt1, ID_one);
DataTable dt2_fin = CompareTables_two(dt2, ID_two);
//final compare
DataTable dt_final = CompareTables_two(dt1_fin, dt2_fin);

I do get two equal by ID tables and I do get two tables that have their unique ID_values but when try to compare two final tables dt1_fin and dt2_fin I got this exception System.Data.DataTableExtensions.LoadTableFromEnumerable[T](IEnumerable 1 source, DataTable table, Nullable '1 options, FillErrorEventHandler errorHandller). And the thing is that when I do the final coompare (dt_final) by the first two columns everything goes good but when I compare by other three columns that's where the exception shows up.

Please, help me out.

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Foxpro is still out there? – Mare Infinitus Jul 25 '12 at 8:50
@MarkAlert: Why untag foxpro? You say yourself it is foxpro. – leppie Jul 25 '12 at 11:25
Yes, Foxpro is still out there... I even know of ONE place still using Foxpro for DOS (don't know why, but they do). Anyhow, keep tag for foxpro. – DRapp Jul 25 '12 at 15:01
Mark, can you show a simple dump of the two sample tables on what you are trying to compare? You should be able to query from both tables via your OleDbConnection provided they are both a relative path to each other. Then simple join or left join however appropriate... I can offer more once I see more detail. – DRapp Jul 25 '12 at 15:03

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