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I using cmake 2.8.8. And I want to make function that get list of source files check if they exist and put exist files in another variable that i must use in my CMakeList.txt.Here is my function

function(SetSources SourceList Sourceses )

message(STATUS "Sourcelist " ${SourceList})

foreach(SRC ${SourceList})

FILE(GLOB Sourceses ${SRC})

message(STATUS "Sources " ${Sourceses})



Here is what i call my function and which argument i push to it

set(SourceList plugincustomresourcemgr.cpp PluginCustomResourceDLL.cppextendedarchive.cpp)


SetSources(SourceList Sourceses)

Output form

message(STATUS "Sourcelist " ${SourceList})


--SourceList SourceList

This is not pass value. What I'm doing wrong and how i must handle function arguments

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I found that function in cmake is with fixed number of arguments (like c/c++) When i define variable I must pass his value with ${} to function.If variable have more then one value and function get only one argument, function will get last value.If i don't pass variable by reference(${}) function will get name of variable like value.

To solve my problem i defined macro that not get arguments


foreach(SRC ${SourceList})

file(GLOB Sources ${SRC})



This work fine if variables "SourceList" and "Sources" are define in current CMakeList.txt I know, is more good idea to check sources with

file(GLOB Sources ${SourceList})

But this is example with which i test cmake.

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