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Is there any idea how to write sfAuth routing for symfony 1.4? which is similar like

 url:   /
 param: { module: default, action: index }

  url:   /:module
  param: { action: index }

  url:   /:module/:action/*
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You just have to read the doc .. –  j0k Jul 25 '12 at 8:34

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To write sfAuth for symfony is simple, just follow the similar way you define default routing

 url:   /login
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: signin }

 url:   /logout
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: signout }

 url:   /request_password
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: password }

Hope this might give you some insight.

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also dont forget to enable this at setting.yml .actions: login_module: sfGuardAuth login_action: signin secure_module: sfGuardAuth secure_action: secure error_404_module: default error_404_action: error404 –  novavent Jul 25 '12 at 8:36

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