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I write a JSFL script, have a very long loop, when this script is running, I can't stop it. only using the Alt-F4 to kill the Flash CS5, then restart it. this is too crazy. How can I stop the JSFL script without kill the Flash?

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is't using Alt-F4, is using Task Manager to kill the Flash. –  Yan Chen Jul 25 '12 at 8:40

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Here's a better approach: inside your loops, put a condition to check if a key was pressed. If the key was pressed, break the loop.

    stopScript = true;

I used the "stopScript" var because I needed to break more then one loop to stop the script. Good luck!

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There are a few advices:

  • Optimize your script.
  • Limit input
  • Divide script logic into functional chunks that you can call them in a row every EnterFrame event. You can embed that script info WindowsSWF and use it's as EnterFrame event beacon (every frame WindowSWF panel calls a function in JSFL). You can add a button in a panel that stops calling JSFL function every frame.
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