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Before 2 weeks - I can get data with 2 day delay (CURRENT_DAY - 2 DAYS). Today it's 4 days (CURRENT_DAY - 4 DAYS).

How can I know current delay? Where I can get this information?

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Frustratingly this does not seem something that Facebook publish either via the API or on their live status page.

If you are you are planning on using this information for maybe triggering warning ticket internally if there is a lag between your data and facebook's (suggesting the feed has stalled) you might want to make a call like [page_id]/insights/page_fan_adds_unique against a page and checking the end_time against the date of data internally.

This isn't foolproof as it wrongly assumes that

  • All insight data is simultaneously published (It isn't - Data comes available as and when Facebook has processed it)
  • That it is always published sequentiality (It isn't - When there are issues they tend to prioritise filling the missing data in a FILO approach)

Also worth keeping an eye on Facebook's bug tracker for any open insight related bugs.

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