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I made a branch called 'f' and did a checkout to master. When I tried the git pull command, it gave me a

You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists).
Please, commit your changes before you can merge.

When I try the git status, it gives me the following:

On branch master
# Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged,
# and have 1 and 13 different commit(s) each, respectively.
# Changes to be committed:
#   modified:   app/assets/images/backward.png
#   modified:   app/assets/images/forward.png
#   new file:   app/assets/images/index_background.jpg
#   new file:   app/assets/images/loading.gif
#   modified:   app/assets/images/pause.png
#   modified:   app/assets/images/play.png
#   new file:   app/assets/javascripts/jquery-ui-bootstrap.js
#   new file:   app/assets/stylesheets/jquery-ui-bootstrap.css
#   modified:   app/controllers/friends_controller.rb
#   modified:   app/controllers/plays_controller.rb
#   modified:   app/mailers/invite_friends_mailer.rb
#   modified:   app/mailers/send_plays_mailer.rb
#   modified:   app/mailers/shot_chart_mailer.rb
#   modified:   app/views/friends/show_plays.html.erb
#   modified:   app/views/layouts/application.html.erb
#   modified:   app/views/plays/_inbox_table.html.erb
#   modified:   app/views/plays/show.html.erb
#   modified:   app/views/welcome/contact_form.html.erb
#   modified:   app/views/welcome/index.html.erb
#   modified:   log/development.log
#   modified:   log/restclient.log
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/C1A/C00/sprockets%2Fb7901e0813446f810e560158a1a97066
#   modified:   tmp/cache/assets/C64/930/sprockets%2F65aa1510292214f4fd1342280d521e4c
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/C73/C40/sprockets%2F96912377b93498914dd04bc69fa98585
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/CA9/090/sprockets%2Fa71992733a432421e67e03ff1bd441d8
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/CCD/7E0/sprockets%2F47125c2ebd0e8b29b6511b7b961152a1
#   modified:   tmp/cache/assets/CD5/DD0/sprockets%2F59d317902de6e0f68689899259caff26
#   modified:   tmp/cache/assets/CE3/080/sprockets%2F5c3b516e854760f14eda2395c4ff2581
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/CED/B20/sprockets%2F423772fde44ab6f6f861639ee71444c4
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D0C/E10/sprockets%2F8d1f4b30c6be13017565fe1b697156ce
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D12/290/sprockets%2F93ae21f3cdd5e24444ae4651913fd875
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D13/FC0/sprockets%2F57aad34b9d3c9e225205237dac9b1999
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D1D/DE0/sprockets%2F5840ff4283f6545f472be8e10ce67bb8
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D23/BD0/sprockets%2F439d5dedcc8c54560881edb9f0456819
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D24/570/sprockets%2Fb449db428fc674796e18b7a419924afe
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D28/480/sprockets%2F9aeec798a04544e478806ffe57e66a51
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D3A/ED0/sprockets%2Fcd959cbf710b366c145747eb3c062bb4
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D3C/060/sprockets%2F363ac7c9208d3bb5d7047f11c159d7ce
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D48/D00/sprockets%2Fe23c97b8996e7b5567a3080c285aaccb
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D6A/900/sprockets%2Fa5cece9476b21aa4d5f46911ca96c450
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D6C/510/sprockets%2Fb086a020de3c258cb1c67dfc9c67d546
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/D70/F30/sprockets%2Facf9a6348722adf1ee7abbb695603078
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DA3/4A0/sprockets%2F69c26d0a9ca8ce383e20897cefe05aa4
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DA7/2F0/sprockets%2F61da396fb86c5ecd844a2d83ac759b4b
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DB9/C80/sprockets%2F876fbfb9685b2b8ea476fa3c67ae498b
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DBD/7A0/sprockets%2F3640ea84a1dfaf6f91a01d1d6fbe223d
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DC1/8D0/sprockets%2Fe5ee1f1cfba2144ec00b1dcd6773e691
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DCC/E60/sprockets%2Fd6a95f601456c93ff9a1bb70dea3dfc0
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/DF1/130/sprockets%2Fcda4825bb42c91e2d1f1ea7b2b958bda
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/E23/DE0/sprockets%2Fb1acc25c28cd1fabafbec99d169163d3
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/E23/FD0/sprockets%2Fea3dbcd1f341008ef8be67b1ccc5a9c5
#   modified:   tmp/cache/assets/E4E/AD0/sprockets%2Fb930f45cfe7c6a8d0efcada3013cc4bc
#   new file:   tmp/cache/assets/E63/7D0/sprockets%2F77de495a665c3ebcb47befecd07baae6
#   modified:   tmp/pids/server.pid
# Untracked files:
#   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
#   Coachbase/
#   log/development.log.orig
#   log/restclient.log.orig

What should I do?

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OK. The problem is your previous pull failed to merge automatically and went to conflict state. And the conflict wasn't resolved properly before the next pull.

1) Undo the merge and pull again.

To undo a merge:

git merge --abort [Since git version 1.7.4]

git reset --merge [prior git versions]

2) Resolve the conflict.

3) Don't forget to add and commit the merge.

4) git pull now should work fine.

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I tried and gave me conflict in files(when pull) Auto-merging app/views/layouts/application.html.erb Auto-merging log/development.log CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in log/development.log Auto-merging log/restclient.log CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in log/restclient.log Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. I fixed the local files specified, and then I tried 'git pull' Pull is not possible because you have unmerged files. Please, fix them up in the work tree, and then use 'git add/rm <file>' as appropriate to mark resolution, or use 'git commit -a'. –  Ankit Suri Jul 26 '12 at 4:00
@AnkitSuri, After fixing the conflicts, did you stage them and commit? –  Karthik Bose Jul 26 '12 at 5:21
@AnkitSuri, Happy to help:-) If the answer is useful, you can upvote and accept it. ;-) –  Karthik Bose Jul 26 '12 at 10:27
Joined stackoverflow just a month back, it doesn't give me the privilege to upvote. Sorry –  Ankit Suri Jul 27 '12 at 6:06
I tried it and it help me to get on flow again. After revert back I did try "git mergetool". It directly associate with merging tool. –  Shubh Dec 26 '13 at 13:02

If you are sure that you already resolved all merge conflicts:

rm -rf .git/MERGE*

And error will disappear.

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I think it's worth mentioning that there are numerous scenarios in which the message You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists) could occur, because many people have probably arrived at this page after searching for said message. The resolution will depend on how you got there.

git status is always a useful starting point.

If you've already merged the contents to your satisfaction and are still getting this message, it could be as simple as doing

git add file
git commit

But again, it really depends on the situation. It's a good idea to understand the basics before attempting anything (same link Terence posted): Git - Basic Merge Conflicts

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Best approach is to undo the merge and perform the merge again. Often you get the order of things messed up. Try and fix the conflicts and get yourself into a mess.

So undo do it and merge again.

Make sure that you have the appropriate diff tools setup for your environment. I am on a mac and use DIFFMERGE. I think DIFFMERGE is available for all environments. Instructions are here: Install DIFF Merge on a MAC

I have this helpful resolving my conflicts: Git Basic-Merge-Conflicts

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