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I have two gen_servers that communicate using gen_tcp sockets.

The first gen_server exports a function, that when called builds (calling another function) a RFC 791 packet, connects to a socket where the other gen_server is listening for incoming connections, and sends the packet to it.

I tested this in the shell and it is working, but what would be the right tool/way to test such a code? Should I use eunit or or is there any other tool more suitable?

Moreover I would like to know what should I actually test? Only the sending part or also function for packet construction?

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You can definitely write some EUnit tests for every gen_servers:

You can also have a look at Common Test to test the interaction:

Since your implementation strongly depends on the data passed, I would have a look to generators provided by QuickCheck Mini or PropEr:

A brief explaination on how you can improve your unit tests with something like QuickCheck mini is available here:

As a start, I would focus on testing the functions you export (the module interface). You can still add more tests later.

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