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I create one jQuery slider. I just want to show/hide left and right arrow on first and last thumbnail apperance, also want to animate the background image fadein/fadeout method. Here is the demo link Please help me.

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To handle your arrows changing i added a simple function to check if liSelect is at first or last option and change hide/show respectively.

function checkArrows() {
        if($('ul#carousel>li:last').is('.liSelect')) {
        else {


        if($('ul#carousel>li:first').is('.liSelect')) {
        else {

Also to enable you to fade your background in and out you need to make sure it wont hide your front layer (ie your carousel) so i added another div underneath as an example.


Hope this helps :)

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Awesome.. Thanks a ton for helping me. – Shakti Jul 25 '12 at 11:29

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